How to Spread Plein Air Awareness

Our goal: Increase awareness.
By doing so, we will see….
– More collectors
– More plein air event attendees
– More demand for artworks
– More people learning plein air as a hobby,
resulting in….
– more teaching
– more workshops
– more paintings sold.

Your role: Look for every possible place to teach, speak, and spread the word. Here are a few ideas:

Teach Children and Teens Through Schools, Church Groups, Scouts, Clubs:

Take to them about painting, set up easels, and let them paint. If you can get lots of artists to help, put one artist with each child and show them how to paint individually.

Teach High School and College Kids:

Set up demonstrations with local art teachers, hold an assembly for the whole school, do a program at a local college.

Promote Public Seminars:
You can do demos in a park, or in a hall where you can play the documentary we’ve produced for you. (You can see it on the homepage)

Seek Publicity Opportunities:

Try to get some press. Have some fun. The goal is to get an article about you and plein air, or to get people to attend an event you’re holding to let anyone try plein air painting.